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We respect the privacy of visitors of the Minimal Steel website and ensure that the personal information that you provide us is treated as confidential. Personal data is processed in conformity with the requirements laid down under the Personal Data Protection Act. With the present privacy policy, we wish to clarify the rigorous efforts we take to ensure the security and reliability of our website, as well as the manner in which we use the personal data of our customers.

Use of personal data

If you are a (potential) customer, we will only collect, process and use the personal data that you provide to us during a visit to the Minimal Steel websites only for specific purposes. All of this is done within the scope of the applicable data protection laws. Your personal data is stored and used by us to make your visit to the Minimal Steel websites as pleasant as possible. We use your data after obtaining your consent. You can give your consent when you register on our website, or wish to enter into a contract with us by telephone or e-mail, or if you wish to send us information in other ways, for which purpose you provide your data to us.


We require data such as name, address or e-mail address for concluding and handling contracts and for other services such as newsletters containing information about new products. This varies from case-to-case. This also applies to the means of payment preferred by you. We conduct security and creditworthiness checks in order to prevent problems during payment and as protection against credit fraud. We also use your data for the management of our customer database to ensure the maximum possible accuracy of the data stored therein, and for customer surveys in order to improve and expand our services.


Technical information required to display the Minimal Steel websites on your computer is stored anonymously and used by us for statistical analyses and to make our website as attractive as possible. In addition, we use this information anonymously, in other words, not in a manner that relates to you personally, in order to constantly improve our range of offerings and to better adapt to your wishes, unless you object to the same. You shall have the possibility to notify your interests in your account, or to delete the same if you (no longer) wish to do so. In addition, we store and (if required), use personal data and technical information to prevent misuse or other illegal activities on our website and, wherever necessary, to initiate criminal prosecution in case of a breach of our IT systems.


If you are a (potential) supplier or another contractor, your personal data shall also be required for concluding and fulfilling contracts. This is necessary for purchasing in order to notify you of the specifications or wishes that a particular item or service must satisfy, or to enable us to request a quotation from you, or to place an order with you, to enable payment of your invoices, and to communicate with you smoothly and efficiently concerning other aspects of the contract.


Finally, we will continue to store and use your (customers/suppliers) data to the extent that we are legally bound to do so. This obligation may arise under governmental or judicial regulations, and also to protect our rights and claims, and if this is required in connection with legal proceedings.

Disclosure to third parties

We use an external server room to store our sales and purchase administration, of which your personal data forms a part. Your personal data are provided to our server room provider for this purpose. Since we use a newsletter mailing service, your personal details are also forwarded to the provider of this service.

Direct marketing

If you regularly place orders with us, we shall store and use the personal data that you provide to us in order to personally notify you by e-mail in the future concerning our existing and new products and services, and to make an offer to you for the same wherever applicable. When using your personal data for this purpose, we have a legitimate interest, namely, to market our products and services. Each time that we send you an advertising mail, you can always notify us that you do not wish to receive the same. Please see the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each mail.

Storage period for personal data

If you request a quotation from us but you have not become our customer, we will delete your data no later than one year after our last contact.. Even if we have received a quotation from you, but we have not become your customer, we will delete your personal data no later than one year after our last contact. If you become our customer or we become your customer, we shall preserve your personal data for a period of 2 years after completing our last transaction or longer, if this is required in order to comply with a statutory preservation period of seven years following the end of the financial year in which the contracts with you have been fully implemented. After the expiry of this period, we shall delete your personal data.

Your rights

You have the right to request us to inspect your own personal data. If there is cause for the same, you can also request us to supplement your personal data or to rectify inaccuracies. In addition, you shall have the right to request the deletion of your personal data, or to limit the use of your personal data. You may also notify us of your objections to the collection and use of your data, or submit a complaint with the Data Protection Authorities. Finally, you may request us to obtain your personal data from another party or transfer such data to another party.

In order to be able to exercise your rights, you may contact Minimal Steel at You may of course contact us for more information about the collection and use of your personal data.


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